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_Technologies F400Z 蛋白质 A ELISA kit 促销

中国俗称:蛋白质 A ELISA kit
中国简称:蛋白质 A ELISA kit
生产厂家:Cygnus Technologies
保存温度:2~8 ℃
规格型号:1 Kit

  • 产品型号:Cygnus
  • 厂商性质:代理商
  • 更新时间:2021-11-23
  • 访  问  量:452

产品英文名称:Protein A ELISA kit
产品中文名称:蛋白质 A ELISA 试剂盒


Protein A ELISA kit 的应用
本试剂盒是用于蛋白试剂的定量测定,只用于研究和制造,不用于人类或动物的诊断应用。该套件是一个修改后的F400试剂盒,广大范围的产品已通过法律的广 泛的验证。F400和F400Z套件使用相同的组件除了共轭的过氧化物酶标记。共轭用在F400Z试剂盒,F401Z是一种特殊提供不确定的样本不屈服在 F400 KIT可接受的蛋白质A恢复的配方。具有该试剂盒回收增强试剂( F404)必须重新结合F401Z共轭先验分析。这是任可接受的精度和特异性的样品类型的试剂盒的验证zui终用户的责任。

Protein A ELISA kit 的英文描述
This NEW PROTEIN A ELISA kit is designed to overcome low analytical recovery of Protein A encountered in many commercial kits. Most low recovery samples are either incomplete antibody fragments or so-called fusion proteins where the antibody structure is linked to another non-antibody molecule. The properties of such unnatural drug substance constructs, means that conventional sample treatment procedures are ineffective in dissociation, denaturation, precipitation, and removal of the drug substances prior to the Protein A detection assay. Any un-denatured drug substance remaining in the sample after the treatment step can reassociate with leached Protein A, resulting in under recovery by ELISA.
The #F400Z  Protein A ELISA kit has been qualified using several problematic samples and found to yield acceptable recovery on all. This kits uses the same antibodies, standards and sample treatment protocol as in our widely used #F400 kit. The only difference is that the #F400Z kit contains a "Recovery Enhancer" solution which must be combined with the HRP conjugated anti-Protein A antibody, #F401Z, prior to use. The "Recovery Enhancer" prevents the re-association of any drug substance that was not compley removed during the sample treatment step.
The #F400Z kit will accuray quantitate the unnatural construct of Protein A, MabSelect SuRe™ as well as other conserved, natural and recombinant Protein A constructs. Because not all drug substances will respond equally to sample treatment procedures, your lab must validate each new sample type and drug substance for acceptable analytical recovery before reporting results.

蛋白质 A ELISA 试剂盒的使用步骤规则
The Protein A assay is a two-site immunoenzymetric assay. Samples containing Protein A are first diluted with a sample denaturing buffer. This reagent dissociates the Protein A from the product antibody. Samples are then heated in a dry heating block or boiling water bath to denature and precipitate the product antibodies. After a centrifugation step to pellet the denatured product antibody, the samples are then reacted in microtiter strips coated with a polyclonal anti-Protein A capture antibody. A second anti-Protein A antibody labeled directly with Horse Radish Peroxidase (HRP) enzyme is simultaneously reacted forming a sandwich complex of solid phase antibody-Protein A-HRP labeled antibody. After a wash step to remove any unbound reactants, the strips are then reacted with tetramethyl benzidine (TMB) substrate. The amount of hydrolyzed substrate is read on a microtiter plate reader and will be directly proportional to the concentration of Protein A present. Accurate quantitation is achieved by comparing the signal of unknowns to Protein A standards assayed at the same time. 

Protein A ELISA kit 的保存和稳定性
* All reagents should be stored at 2C to 8C for stability until the expiration date printed.
*After prolonged storage, you may notice a salt precipitate and/or yellowing of the wash concentrate. These changes will not impact assay performance. To dissolve the precipitate, mix the wash concentrate thoroughly and dilute as directed in the ‘Preparation of Reagents’ section. Reconstituted wash solution is stable until the expiration date of the kit.

蛋白质 A ELISA 试剂盒的使用注意事项
*停止反应试剂是0.5M H2SO4。避免接触眼睛,皮肤,和服装。在用本试剂盒的试剂浓度,其他没有被认为是有害的。




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